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Newsletter - Spring 2010 
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Newsletter - Autumn 2010

At long last more news from Burton Joyce. It has been a strange Summer and early Autumn, with lots of changes on the home- and work-front and a lot of health problems for many clients and their close relatives. Highlights also in the form of lovely family celebrations and a holiday.
Due to all this, and to the effect of the recession noticeable in workshop and appointment numbers I have made some changes in what I have to offer you.
There will be fewer workshops and no more massage treatments for new clients, only kinesiology and Aromatic Kinesiology.
·         The Natural Year - course is still running, we had a lovely session to mark ‘Samhain’ in October. The next module is on December 18th , where we will continue to look at how to live in harmony with the seasons accompanied by some relaxation and meditation with a 3 course lunch. Due to people’s commitments in this busy time of year, it will be shorter version. The day will run from 10.30 until 2. We will finish with lunch and then an outside offering to mark Yule (Midwinter). The cost for the day is £11.50.
·         In February we will continue and celebrate Imbolc on Saturday 19th from 11 till 4.
·         This Saturday Lynne Ellis will present the first of a number of workshops on Chinese Astrology and Health. The days is oversubscribed, so she is coming back on April 2nd next year, but hurry if you are interested there are only 4 places left on that day.
·         Planned for next Spring is a day on Oriental Face Reading and a day on exploring the changes on spiritual levels in 2012. Dates to be announced early next year.
·         TAKE FIVE. If you are interested in any of the other courses that have been on offer in the past, all you have to do is get 5 friends together, contact me and we can decide on a date, time and price and you will get your place FREE. On offer are: colour-healing, chakras, introduction to kinesiology, and angel-workshop.
·         Early next year I will be teaming up with Bev Beatty of knitting4fun who is going to run a demonstration workshop here. Bev is based in West Bridgford and if you haven’t heard of here she is something of a guru in the knitting world. Her book is an absolute treat and you will find her class really compelling and great fun.
All course details can be found on the courses and workshops link on the website at
Quick Overview of what is coming up:-
  • Saturday December 18th – Natural Year – Yule (Midwinter)
  • Saturday February 19th – Natural Year -Imbolc
  • Workshop Bev Beattie date tba
  • Saturday April 2nd - Chinese Astrology and Health
  • 2012 and beyond – date tba
  • Oriental Face Reading – date tba
Mandarin (Citrus reticulate)and Sandalwood(Santalum album), uplifting and warming for the dark days of this season. I can also make you roomsprays to help you beat cold, flu and aching bones!
FINALLY - Please don’t forget to register with me if you haven’t already done so – go to  go to the “Contact us” Button and register.