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Newletter April/May 2010 
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Newsletter - Spring 2010 
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Newletter April/May 2010

Newsletter April/May 2010

Now that spring is finally here time for an update to my newsletter.

March brought some wonderful events.
  • I returned from Dublin having been on the 3rd and final part of my Aromatic Kinesiology training course. This was full of ideas and techniques inspired by Robbi Zeck and a wonderful group of women.
  • The Arts Workshop "Sister Act" weekend with my sisters Maura and Michelle was a great success. They will be back next spring for part 2.
  • Towards the end of the month I relaunched my "natural Year" course. Now run monthly it is based on the Celtic "wheel of the year". The next module is on 8th May (doesn't matter if you missed the first one) where we will continue to look at how to live in harmony with the seasons accompanied by some relaxation and meditation with a 3 course lunch and cooking demonstration.
 Sister Act - getting down to business!

  - Sisters Team Photo!

Things to look out for:

  • On the cooking front watch this space! I have joined Riverford Organics (our fresh food box scheme delivery company) as a demonstration cook. I am off to Devon next month for a 3 day training course and later this year there will be a series of local events where I will be showing how to get the best out of your weekly delivery. Both recipe and cooking tips and techniques. Bit like Master Chef but without Greg and John!
  • Next month I will be teaming up with Bev Beatty of knitting4fun who is going to run a demonstration workshop here. Bev is based in West Bridgford and if you haven't heard of here she is something of a guru in the knitting world. Her book is an absolute treat and you will find her class really compelling and great fun.
  • In June I will be running a course on Face Reading which is one of the skills that I learnt in Dublin.  It is a fascinating insight into the human psyche and you will never look at someone again without thinking - ah that's why they are like that!
  • All courses details can be found on the courses and workshops link on the website.
Quick Overview of whats coming up:-
  • Saturday May 8th - Natural Year - Bettane
  • Wednesday May 26th - Face Reading
  • Wednesday June 9th - Bev Beattie
  • Sunday June 20th - Natural Year - Solstice
  • Wednesday July 11th - 2012
  • Wednesday August 4th - The Natural Year - Lammas

Grapefruit  (citrus paradisi)
Pine (pinus syvestris)

Combined with last month's oil May Chang (litsea cubeba) these oils will make a wonderful mix to be used for cleaning cobwebs in your houses and in your head - perfect for the spring!

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I look forward to seeing you again soon.