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 Ruth Young   - I have been practising acupuncture for 12 years and I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council, which is the main governing body for Traditional Acupuncturists in this country.
 Holistic Health Team   - Our innovative 40 strong team provides affordable, accessible and professional holistic health activities & stress management packages throughout Nottingham, The East Midlands and the UK
 The Lowdham Bookshop   - Come and have a relaxing browse with a delicious coffee at the bookcase. We are more than just a bookshop!
 The Reader Organisation   - TRO makes it possible for everyone to enjoy and actively engage with literature on a deep and personal level.Their weekly read-aloud groups take place in varied settings including youth clubs, high secure psychiatric settings, dementia care homes, schools and libraries and have made a profound effect.
 The Blossoming Heart   - The Blossoming Heart was launched in Melbourne Australia on April 27 2004 and since then the response has been overwhelming with copies sold in over 15 countries worldwide.

The English version is now in its second edition and the Chinese and Spanish versions are now available.